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Why Steel Drums

  • World standard packaging: steel drums are standardised worldwide through ISO 15750 part 1-2-3
  • Most important and safest packaging for transport of dangerous goods: close to 50 million tons of goods are transported worldwide each year in steel drums
  • Highest performance with consistent raw material and products
  • No legal time limitation to transport dangerous goods
  • Environmental friendly: easy to reuse and recycle; low contents residue after emptying
  • Fire resistant: Steel drum with plastic plugs is the safest solution for transport and storage of flammable products
  • Not affected by high and low temperature, humidity and pressure variation. Not subject to UV deterioration or permeation of the filling goods
  • Storage space savings due to exceptional stack stability
  • Steel drums perfectly fit in ISO transport containers: 4 in a row; 80 drums in a 20 feet container
  • High quality branding and decoration (silk screen) can be easily achieved